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  1. berkeleybeacon:


    Shelling out big bucks for college tuition can be a great investment or an awful one — depending on where you go to school. Luckily, this new study will tell you which schools pay off post-graduation

    According to the study, Emerson ranks #656 (of 1248), with an estimated 30-year return on investment of $54,580.

    Suffolk is #587 with an ROI of $76,920, Boston University is #111 with an ROI of $406,200, and Tufts is #42 with an ROI of $644,600.

    Payscale, a company that lets you compare your salary with others, conducted the study. They calculated the return on investment by, essentially, comparing how much more a graduate from a particular college would make versus someone with only a high school degree, factoring in that college’s tuition and other fees, graduation rate, financial aid, and other factors.

    Note that the survey isn’t perfect, though. As Bloomberg Businessweek reports, the salary data Payscale uses is self-reported, there’s wide variation among majors, it doesn’t include the value of a college degree for those who pursue more advanced degrees, and “schools that produce many graduates in high-paying majors such as engineering will, by necessity, have a higher ROI.”

    We’re not even in the top 50%?

    Posted on April 14, 2012